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H.E.L.P. is a collection of Harvard Business School GMP17 graduates dedicated to assisting and supporting the global improvement and opportunity for those in need of educational support through donor advised funding.


In 2014 a group of 136 individuals from 36 countries met at Harvard Business school to join the General Management Program (GMP17). Inspired by HBS mission of "Doing decent Business decently and educating leaders to make a difference to the world". A group of these people decided to found H.E.L.P. Every member donates 1000 USD or more to one of the selected organizations developing the world in the field of education.


Adnan Rizvi
Alexandra Larsson
Arkadiusz Krasowski
Blake Cairney
Kaushal Sheth
Christian Erhigbare Omoru
Dhari AlGharabally
David Tateosian
Funmi Ekundayo
Gilke Eeckhoudt
Graham Snowden
Hanjo Runde
Helge Lippert
Ibraheem Sheerah
Iyabo Soji-Okusanya
Jim Fox
Jose Castillo Balarezo
Juan Pablo Chadid
Michael Ku
Yang Mei
Pablo Fernandez
Paul Finnegan
Shyamli A Mohamed
Souvik Choudhury
Terry Lacy
Thomas Rumsey
Lucio Tinoco
Yves Nono Komguep
Alexandre P. F. Gomez
Amy May
Ali Hamdan
Anke Bridge
Brandon C Charles
Dirk Redlich
He Li
Kanchan Chavan
Patricio Diez
Rich La Gala
Richard Kilbane
Susan Kolbush
Terry Michael
Thateng Shimange
Ziyad A Alsheikh
Wei Wei
Selemani Mtwale
Yaroslav Osadchiy
Zeeshan Khan
Osa Owieadolor

NGO Bazar

Fundação Síndrome de Down

Proposed by: Alexandra Larsson

Created by parents that believed in their Down Syndrome kids, this foundation’s goal is to promote the comprehensive development of individuals with Down Syndrome in all aspects: physical, intellectual, emotional and ethical, by integrating interdisciplinary research and innovative educational practice.

It brings a new view on the capabilities of people with disabilities, opening new perspectives and opportunities and, most important, shifting paradigm of the way people see and think about individuals with Down Syndrome.



Proposed by: Adnan Rizvi

Spark’s mission is to provide life-changing apprenticeships to middle school students in underserved communities across the United States through workplace-based mentoring.

Spark has a proven impact. 92% of alumni have graduated or are on-track to graduate high school compared to 70% of their peers.


Roxanne Care Options

Proposed by: Christian Omoru

This is a charitable organisation that primarily focuses on the health and social care needs of Nigerians. It tackles issues ranging from sexual health, mental wellbeing, first aid and homely remedy techniques, to the management of chronic and congenital health issues. It has carried its campaigns to hospitals and homes for children with profound learning and physical disabilities In Lagos State and to other parts of Nigeria. An aspect of this body is a website and a YouTube channel which disseminate health related information to all and sundry.

Its objectives and activities have continued to be relevant to the needs of people. They have remained to be strong advocates on learning disabilities, environmental hygiene, care of the elderly, etc. They have written health articles, produced educative health videos, etc which has helped in saving many lives. This is evident in the number of viewership to the organization’s media sites and the clamour for the NGO’s revisit to the hospitals and orphanages within Lagos State and its environs.

How to donate?
Donations can come in the form of cash donations to this account 1013800261 with Zenith Bank Plc and also volunteers are encouraged to participate in their programmes. http://www.kehindeomoru.com

EY Foundation Poland

Proposed by: Arkadiusz Krasowski

EY Foundation’s goal is to support foster care – children and parents in four different areas: psychological assistance, education, financial help and promoting foster care. Thanks to EY Foundation’s projects (over 20), foster care in Poland is going through some positive changes. For example, by educating legal guardians, foster parents and other specialists, the level of professional support is growing for the children in care. Over two hundred volunteers engage in the foundation’s projects. Each year they help around 1300 foster families.

I see a great potential in EY Foundation’s projects.  The EY Foundation plays a significant role in building better conditions for children in foster care. Children are our future and we should support them, especially the group who had a rough start in life. How to donate?
One can support EY Foundation through voluntary work with our children and donations for projects (our bank account number: 69 1280 0003 0000 0031 7094 1031)


Hope for Kabondo

Proposed by: Gilke Eeckhoudt

In 2005 this foundation was set up to raise the funds necessary to purchase land, build an orphanage and cover the set up costs for the creation of a local network in the area of Kabondo located in Western Kenya. Hope Home opened its doors in 2006, and since then it has saved 84 babies.

The Hope Academy was set up in 2007 and some 190 children (including the children of Hope Farm) are being schooled there across three classes in preschool and eight classes in elementary school. Since 2008, eight groups representing 200 families have been financially supported.
How to donate?
Help support a broad range of educational projects undertaken through the registered foundation : http://hopeforkabondo.org/ Thinking What if one of the children from Hope Academy could be the future president of Kenya ….


Mobile School

Proposed by: Gilke Eeckhoudt

Mobile School is an organisation dedicated to helping street children throughout the world. It develops mobile school carts and trains local street workers. Presently there are 36 mobile schools in 21 countries, spread across four continents: Latin America, Asia, Africa and Europe. Mobile School focuses on two target groups: Street children and the street workers who engage with them in informal educational activities.

The educational curriculum does not aim to replace the traditional school curriculum but to complement it. All the materials and games target an increase in self-respect and identity, and the discovery of talents and empowerment. Through this experience strong foundations are built literally “on the street” based on faith in one's abilities, self-confidence and the motivation necessary to support further growth processes.
How to donate?
Mobile School develops training programmes, educational material and projects, workshops and special campaigns to support its work with street children. See http://www.mobileschool.org/en



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